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Act1 Theater

180 Academy Street

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ACT1 Theater is a community theater and an outreach of Alpharetta Presbyterian Church (APC) in Alpharetta, GA. Through the use of drama we strive to provide fellowship and entertainment to our community. The productions we choose to perform are typically not theological works, but rather those that you would find in most community theaters. We do, however, focus on those that would be appropriate in a Christian environment.

ACT1 Theater is a non-equity, all-volunteer, no fee (paid or collected for actors) theater with a 20+ year history providing quality entertainment.

Some of our cast and crew come from the congregation at APC, but that’s certainly not a requirement. We warmly welcome other members of the community with a love for theater. Auditions are open to anyone who would like to join us. Casting decisions are always made in the best interests of the production; church members are never given preference. We are not theologically trained and, while we would love to have you join us in worship or other APC activity, that’s not the focus of our ministry. We hope you will enjoy the fellowship, whether in the audience, on the stage or participating in the many unseen but important activities that go on behind the scenes.


Robyn Guy

Tuesday, April 10, 2018
Over the past several years I've had the joy of watching community cast and crew members present top quality musicals and plays. ACT1 provides an encouraging environment for those interested in performing. My children have enjoyed attending theater shows here. It's helped my kids become interested in performing. Am thankful for the work the theater does to help better the Atlanta arts community. ACT1 is small but mighty.

Alana Sparks

Sunday, Aug. 5, 2018
Had the pleasure of seeing Guys and Dolls there last night. Very quaint little theater, show was great. Sound and lighting was great.

Melody Cookson

Thursday, April 5, 2018
I'm just now getting around to reviewing the Spring show, "The Boys Next Door," but it was PHENOMENAL! The directing and acting were spot-on, and the actors were touching and believable as they portrayed men with mental disabilities. Non-musicals are hard to pull off, but this production and "Steel Magnolias" from 2017 held their own. Folks, these are volunteers - they show up for the love of the craft and it shows! Every production deserves community support!

Ariel K. Kasten

Monday, April 9, 2018
Act1 Theater is a wonderful theater which provides affordable, quality entertainment for all ages to the community. From acting to sets to costumes, and everything in between, the care and love they put into each show shines through every production, and their mix of seasoned and new actors mixes technique with new ideas to provide fresh and fantastic performances. Act1 Theater is a welcoming venue for audiences, cast and crew alike.

Chris Voss

Tuesday, April 10, 2018
ACT1 is a real gem in north Fulton. Since discovering it several years ago, I have enjoyed watching them become more and more "professional" with each show! They mix putting on the well-known with lesser known, but wonderful, plays and musicals. Especially for the price you can't beat ACT1 for a fun night entertainment. Long live LIVE Theater!!

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