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AgeQuake Theatres

AgeQuake Theatres
3519 Highcrest Road

About Us:

AgeQuake Theatres are the only theatre companies in northwestern Illinois for those 55 and older.  The AgeQuake Theatre's Company selects scripts to perform and offers classes in acting. 

AgeQuake Theatre's Leading Ladies Ensemble, consists of women who write their own material and perform it. The 2008-2009 season was based on these topics:  health, mothers, first loves, pets, fathers, vacations, impressive places, childhood games, and "things that I never got caught doing."  The 2009-2010 theme was, "Make Your Last Ride A 'Helluva Good One."  The theme for 2010-11 is "Memories, Moments, Milestones."  Special occasion performances--holidays and Mother's Day, for example--include other related selections.

Dr. joan e. kole is the artistic director of both companies.  She is only the sixth scholar to conduct research in Theatre and Aging. 

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