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Ashland Theatre

Ashland Theatre
Post Office Box 218

History :

On August 18, 1914 the town of Ashland Alabama deeded a parcial of land--formerly an alley way--to Felix Parsons.
On the West side of the public square , this piece of land was sold to a new proposed bank whose building committee consisted of Dr. D.E. Cardwell, C.C. Harris, L.R. Hearn, H.A. Wilson, S.W. Pruet JR. The bank agreed to erect a brick building within six months and install a cement sidewalk in front within two months of completion of the building.
September 1914 R.L. Ford and his wife Mamie sold Felix Parsons joining privilges (for the sum of $150) to the South brick wall of the R.L. Ford building.
May 4, 1936 The Famer's Bank was liquidated and the building was sold to A.L. Hardegree for the sum of $2,750. At his death Arthur Hardegree JR., by the last will and testament, inheirited the building.
The Theatre was expanded and was reopened as the New Ashland Theatre in 1943.
October 15, 1968 Arthur Hardegree Jr. sold the building to Wayne and Laura Gentry.
August 5, 2005 the building was sold to Lani, Robin, Lori, and Robert Steele.

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