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Backwards Ensemble Theatre Company

Backwards Ensemble Theatre Company
617 North East Ravenna Boulevard

BETC is commited to continuously exploring ways in which to affect the world and bring about a revolutionary change in today's performance art community. At Backwards Company we believe in teaching, learning, and developing together as an ensemble based performance collective. Through diverse, original works we are commited to providing the Seattle community with an innovative theatre experience produced solely by young artists. We will take collaboration, being the cornerstone of performance art, to a higher, more visceral level through our ensemble building rehearsal processes and our commitment to learning while teaching.

Backwards Company was developed in 2005 by three first year students at Cornish College of the Arts. In May of that year, the company produced its first show, Dreams, Oh Dreams, written and directed by founder Caleb Penn. The show, running only 40 minutes long, was recieved exceptionally well by audiences. The company expanded to include a handful of actors and artists commited to furthering the company's mission. Some left, some stayed, others took vacations, but all of them were definetely affected by their experiences. Now, with two full fledged productions under its belt and two more planned in the next five months, Backwards Company is working to expand its network in order to continuously provide quality, meaningful entertainment to the greater Seattle community.

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