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BareBones Theatre Group

BareBones Theatre Group
345 North College Street

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BareBones Theatre Group, a minimalist performing arts organization, strives to promote drama as a living art form through thought provoking productions whose interpretation is reliant upon a dialog between the playwright, actors and audience.


BareBones Theatre Group was founded in 1998 by James Yost, Ryan Gordon and Ingrid Jungermann, three young artists who wanted to create a company whose focus was the integration of theatre and audience through thought-provoking performances of plays of depth and substance. The simplicity of each production would allow the audience to be an integral part of the overall interpretation of a playwrights work.

The group produced its first show at the outdoor venue called Fat City in August of 1998. Since then BBTG has performed in various locations throughout the city including, the Living Art Coffee Gallery, the Carolina Actors Studio Theatre, and the Neighborhood Theater. The company currently produces its mainstage season at the SouthEnd Performing Arts Center at 201 Rampart St.

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