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Cabot Community Theatre

Cabot Community Theatre
Veterans Park Events Center, 508 N. Lincoln St.


Cabot Community Theatre is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide an outlet for creative community involvement, while producing quality, family-friendly entertainment.


Cabot Community Theatre was founded in 2005 by Priscilla Morris, Hayley Helms and Brian Wolters as the Starlite Dinner Theatre. In 2006 the theatre performed its first production, “Smoke on the Mountain”, at the former Funtastic. The response was so great that the theatre performed a reprise of the production in 2007. Later that year, a Board of Directors was formed with Priscilla Morris as Chairman, Brian Wolters as Artistic Director, Shann Nobles as Executive Director, Susan Garoutte as Secretary/Treasurer and Bob Morris as a Voting Member. The board voted to change the name to Cabot Community Theater and filed Articles of Incorporation with the State of Arkansas as a non-profit organization.

In 2008, the search began for our own building and in August of that year, we moved into our current location, CenterStage Playhouse, at 204 North First Street. Our first production was the sequel to “Smoke on the Mountain”, “Sanders Family Christmas”. Since that time the theatre has produced nearly 20 productions and hosted various other events. Cabot Community Theatre mounts five productions each season, including two musicals, all in dinner theatre format.

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