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The Cascade Theatre was constructed in downtown Redding in 1935 as a 1,348-seat movie palace and vaudeville stage. One of the few theatres built during the heart of the depression, the Cascade Theatre was a magnificent example of art deco architecture in California, complete with gold and silver gilded walls, period chandeliers, ornate plasterwork, a grand neon facade and marquee and beautiful murals. But, like many downtown theatres of its era, the Cascade struggled to survive during the 1990s with the rise of shopping mall-based multiplex cinemas. In 1997, the Cascade ceased operating and its doors were boarded.

Restoration of the Cascade Theatre was completed on August 14, 2004 and the theatre was reopened as a regional non-profit performing arts center. The restoration was carried out in a way that honored the heritage of the building and was consistent with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties while providing the functionality of a modern professional performing arts facility – complete with state-of-the-art sound, lighting and theatre technology. The Cascade Theatre is now capable of hosting a wide range of arts and cultural events, including theater, concerts, dance and film presentations.


William Van Meter

Monday, May 14, 2018
Very wonderful place I volunteer there and have for several years and enjoyed all my experiences it's a wonderful place to visit and see many different shows do you have to check it out

Spenser Deardorff

Sunday, May 6, 2018
A beautiful location and wonderful staff. They always have great concerts and events lined up!

Brandy Smutz

Monday, Dec. 4, 2017
Every show we have seen here has been amazing. The kids love it!! We go every year for our school field trips and they always interact with the crowd during the intermission so the kids don't get bored. Haven't been to a show other than the Christmas shows, but would love to soon!

Bryce Drummond

Monday, Jan. 8, 2018
Bill Engvall was hilarious. This was our first time visiting the theater and with a handicap son requiring a wheelchair there was always someone asking if we were okay. the seats were great and the service was wonderful. The lobby was a little small so get there early to get in. Thanks cascade.

Nathan Buchholz

Sunday, April 15, 2018
The Banff film festival on April 14th 2018 was the worst experience I ever had. I printed out my tickets that had discount coupons for places nearby, this is why I printed them. Upon arriving I had to be screened by security and forced to turn around ( when they could have easily swiped their want in front and behind me) which was a control and power position tactic. I personally saw several people put their knives where they weren’t detected. Besides, this is an outdoor recreation associated festival in where knives are our daily tools, we all carry knives! When intermission hit, I was told I could not leave and could not go beyond the barriers to use my coupons that shared the same piece of paper as my cascade theater ticket sheet. I was told I can’t use it because the female manger said “ because I said so and what if I was a problem when I came back?” What I do when I leave is none of her or anyone’s business! I had my ticket stub and did not receive a stamp to re-enter, this is your fault cascade! What if I was not a problem at all?? Extremely poorly managed and even worse when the other guy tried to butt in and tell me why you have chains to limit paying customers and control their freedoms of over 5 Years! Not to mention the many other events I have attended here in the past. Extremely controlling and extremely limiting your sponsors of business nearyby that paid to be on the same piece of paper. You didn’t receive my money and the cascade never will after this over reaching and freedom limiting experience. The only ray of light was Celeste working upstairs, she was kind and wonderful.

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