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Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild

Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild
102 West Grand Avenue

Mission Statement:

Produce a broad spectrum of high quality theatrical presentations, Delight and challenge our audience, Provide hands-on learning experiences in all aspects of theatre production for children and adults, and Nurture and celebrate the achievements of our volunteers.

The Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild conducts itself according to the following Values:

Integrity - We believe that honesty, respect, and fairness are essential to everything we do.
Encouragement - We promote the expression of ideas, foster individual creativity and effort, and embrace the acceptance of others.
Cooperation - We believe collaboration, inclusiveness, and teamwork are vital for a quality organization and its growth.
Recognition - We are committed to the acknowledgment and open appreciation of all our volunteers.
Enjoyment - Our success is dependent on an atmosphere which is fun, friendly, comfortable, and openly positive for everyone.

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