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Community Theatre Of Emporia

Community Theatre Of Emporia
Tonya Starr - 1118 Rural Street
620 794-7841

About the Theatre:
Community Theatre of Emporia (CTE) has been bringing quality entertainment to the community since way back in 1979. We’ve got the acting bug bad and we’re trying like heck to be infectious.Our theatrical efforts draw on talent from our community.

The actors, set builders, lighting technicians, costumers, musicians, and all of the others that turn out the shows are volunteers. Our efforts are bolstered by some of the Theatre Arts students from Emporia State University and several of our numbers who went through that program when they were in college.What we lack in formal training, we make up for in enthusiasm.

Much of our underwriting is done through membership contributions.

We are also fortunate to receive some support from businesses and professionals in our community. They graciously provide support through paid advertising in our season program as well as donations of materials for sets, costumes and other production needs.

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