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Dance Theatre of Huntsville

Dance Theatre of Huntsville
4414 Evangel Cir NW

About Us:

Dance All Productions is a 501 © 3 nonprofit organization that presents the highest quality of dance performance and improves the skills of emerging and professional dancers, and choreographers in a nurturing environment, while increasing the appreciation of dance among its many communities and maintaining a strong commitment to the preservation of predominantly African-American traditions in dance.

For students who do not want to become professional dancers, we enable them to enjoy the enrichment, character development and positive benefits that come from an involvement with dance. We also teach them to have an appreciation and love for dance. We want our students to be well rounded, culturally aware and internally enriched individuals who will remain lovers of the arts for the rest of their lives. We encourage and prepare our students to teach, to lead, to choreograph and to be good people.

We use dance as a tool to help young people develop the internal confidence they need to be successful in life. These include developing a strong work ethic, self-determination, self-esteem, and a positive attitude about life and respect for others. We have seen many of our students go on to be very successful in life and in school as a result of the character building essentials they received in dance classes at Dance Theatre of Huntsville, school of Dance All Productions.

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