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Draper Historic Theatre

Draper Historic Theatre
12366 South 900 East


Draper Historic Theatre envisions itself as the premiere arts and cultural center of the south valley. It would be a place where artisans of all disciplines would perform, community members gather for social events, and youth would learn the tools of the theatre trade. Draper has experienced such rapid and continual growth in the recent years that there is a need for the community to have their own cultural events and not rely on other townships. DHT not only wants to provide cultural entertainment for the community but also be the physical location of numerous cultural events.

Mission Statement
Draper Historic Theatre, a non-profit organization, enriches families, individuals and the community by providing positive artistic experiences in theatre - including affordable, wholesome entertainment and pleasant, edifying performance and educational opportunities.

Guiding Values
"A nonprofit organiztion's] 'product' is neither a pair of shoes nor an effective regulation. Its product is a changed human being. Non-profit institutions are human- change agents. Their 'product' is a cured patient, a child that learns, a young man or woman grown into a self-respecting adult; a changed human life altogether."

Theatre is for people, people don't exist for theatre.

DHT is a safe place, fostering equity, respect, individual growth, teamwork and humility. Gossip, unnecessary criticism and "prima donna" behavior (both male and female) is not allowed.

The strengths and talents of each participant will be recognized and appreciated. Beginning and experienced performers learn much from one another and enhance performances in their own way.

Theater participants will work in a spirit of unity uphold DHT's standards, values and goals to ensure a pleasant experience for all who enter the theatre.

Many images are portrayed on stage in order to tell a story but, sincerity, moral behavior and kind, loving and/or familial relationships are the most valuable.

Volunteers are compensated not financially but with a sense of personal worth, respect, ownership in something important, friendship, and gratitude.

Purchase and improve our historic building to better facilitate DHT''s performance and educational goals and to provide fiscal and housing security for the future .

Continually improve the quality and depth of our performances.

Build an education program which helps potential performers and crew to:
increase self confidence

Enrich their understanding and appreciation of the arts

Prepare for future opportunities at DHT and elsewhere.


DHT will become a significant arts facility in the Wasatch Front area known best for quality family programming and a caring approach to theatrical education and production.

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