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Ford's Theatre is a live, working theatre located in downtown Washington, DC. As a national historic and cultural site welcoming visitors from across the nation, Ford's Theatre blends its rich history with performance excellence in serving as a living tribute to President Lincoln's love of the performing arts. When Ford's Theatre re-opened its doors in 1968 - after having been closed 103 years - it truly was reclaimed as a national treasure for all Americans, and those of us who work here are mindful of that legacy and grateful that Ford's Theatre once again is a vibrant showcase for the performing arts that President Lincoln so appreciated.

Under the new leadership of Producing Director Paul R. Tetreault, Ford's Theatre is excited about a dynamic new chapter in its history. He hopes to produce some of this country's most gifted playwrights from the 20th century and plans to bring to Washington the greatest theatre artists working today - Directors, Designers, Actors and Artisans.

As an integral part of its mission, Ford's Theatre provides accessibility to Washington area audiences with special needs. Through education and community outreach programs - ranging from interactive workshops for inner-city students, to teacher and student guides, to performances complemented by American Sign Language or audio description - Ford's serves a large, diverse population with differing backgrounds, ages, and economic means. Operation Discovery, Ford's subsidized ticket program, has been a vital part of community outreach since 1977. The program has introduced more than 100,000 economically disadvantaged young people to what is for many, their first theatrical performance. Nearly 25,000 students attend our productions each season on discounted tickets. We also hold Opening Act pre-performance workshops every season. Opening Act is an innovative series led by professional theatre instructors. Presented free of charge, the program combines exercises, discussion, and improvisation as learning tools for these younger audiences.


Andrew Cuevas

Monday, March 12, 2018

Love this Theatre and Park! A fantastic reconstruction of the Original Ford's Theatre (the original was purchased by the government, used for office space, and it was eventually "demolished" and rebuilt to the exact specifications of pictures taken the night Lincoln was shot there), Ford's Theatre boasts an impressive museum describing the mood of the country around the time Lincoln was killed, going into fantastic detail about the conspirators and the eventual assassination of Lincoln. I thoroughly enjoyed that museum. After walking through the museum, you'll walk up a couple flights of stairs to be on the top balcony, overlooking the stage and booth where Lincoln was shot. When you're there, I high recommend asking a Ranger for a talk about that night, it's truly intriguing. Overall, I loved this place and consider it a must-visit if you're in DC!

Roisin Berghaus

Saturday, Jan. 27, 2018

This place offered an excellent glimpse into the life of one of America's undisputed greatest presidents. I saw two of the museum's 4 main areas: the exhibit on Lincoln's life, which is in the theater basement, and the theater itself (which incidentally is still used for performances). So much care and attention to detail has gone in to designing this museum, right down to the various artifacts from Lincoln's life and presidency. The preservation of Lincoln's seat in the theater itself was especially moving. Most of all, I was very impressed with the staff, who clearly have a passion for sharing Lincoln's story. They were so knowledgeable and very easy to talk to. Plus, for the low low price of $0.00,you can't really go wrong!

Michael Kaufmann

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Small and discreet location that you wouldn't really notice just walking by if it wasn't for the signage. The downstairs museum is not huge but is very informative and thorough. The life size statues that seem to be standing and debating in different place can be a little surprising when you catch them in your peripheral vision. The theater itself is so bright an open that it felt almost unreal compared to the dark museum space down below.

Jeffrey Ewell

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Very Cool! This place is amazing! They provide an audio phone to listen to as you walk around. Then at the end of the tour. You see the President s booth where he was shot. A definite must in the DC area. It's so much information I would go on the tour twice.

Kelly Fisher

Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2018

It was neat watching a play in the same theater that Lincoln used to see plays in. It was a little eerie thinking about how he was shot in there, but the memorial helps it feel more peaceful. The seating on the balcony isn't the best. I felt more removed from the play because the balcony is deep so you can't see the stage as well. But, it is an old theater, so you can't expect it to have great visibility for everyone. I will probably just try to get an orchestra seat next time or a balcony seat that's closer to the front.

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