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Rocklin Youth Theatre Company

Rocklin Youth Theatre Company
6015 Pacific Street, #7

Rocklin Youth Theatre Company (RYTC) started in January 2006 with the mission of creating a performance opportunity in theatre for children ages 5 - 18, where they can experience, learn and appreciate live theatre. Through their participation, children grow artistically and socially, and develop their self-esteem.  This confidence translates into other areas of their lives, both on stage and off. RYTC's goal is to produce affordable family entertainment as well as cultivate community interest and support for live musical theater.

RYTC offers a multitude of teaching and theatrical opportunities for children with various skills and talents. We produce large scale musicals as well as smaller shows and events in our Sunset Plaza Theatre. Examples of some fun are: classes, workshops, musical and non-musical plays, all offered in various age formats. The RYTC directors and staff strive to select productions that provide the greatest opportunity to showcase as many individuals as possible. We take such pleasure in watching these children grow and learn as they experience the joy of theatre. 

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