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Sandglass Theater

Sandglass Theater
17 Kimball Hill

 Sandglass Theater is an internationally known theater company specializing  in combining puppets with music, actors and visual imagery. Since 1982, the company’s  productions have toured 24 countries, performing in theaters, festivals  and cultural institutions and winning numerous international prizes.

Sandglass Theater produces works for both adult audiences and  young audiences—two repertoires that tour separately and together.  Sandglass also performs and teaches in its own 60-seat renovated barn theater in Putney, Vermont. Sandglass  Theater is available for workshops and residencies and teaches  a 3-week intensive training program each summer at the University of Connecticut.

Sandglass Theater is associated with the Sandglass Center  for Puppetry and Theater Research, a not-for-profit organization. Sandglass  Theater is a member of the Network of Ensemble Theaters and the National Performance Network.

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