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Sutter Creek Theatre

Sutter Creek Theatre
44 Main Street

The Sutter Creek Theatre professionally presents contemporary and traditional music, theatrical works, dance, film, and other events that are engaging to the hearts and minds of a diverse regional audience.
To achieve our mission, Sutter Creek Theatre will strive to:
Present a variety of performance and cinematic experiences for a culturally, generationally and socially diverse audience.
Provide a culturally rich and engaging environment that fosters an appreciation of the arts while providing wholesome and stimulating entertainment.
Educate the community and our young people in an appreciation of the arts.

Serve as a cultural center for the arts in AmadorCounty.

The values integral to our mission are:
Commitment to artistic products and programs that enrich people's lives

Service to the communities in AmadorCounty.
Respect for our audience.
Responsible management of the Theatre as an historic and artistic treasure for the community.
Sutter Creek Theatre seeks to be a vital, regionally recognized theatre of true artistic merit and a business that is acknowledged as being vital to the economic health of Sutter Creek. There are several ways in which the theater plans to pursue this vision:
To offer a broad range of musical, theatrical, dance, film, and other performance works on our stage.
To develop, diversify, and increase our audience base, both locally and regionally.
To improve our physical facilities, including preservation of the historic attributes of the theatre.
To offer a progressive and comprehensive arts education program to educate both young and adult audiences and to forge relationships with educational institutions.
To establish a nonprofit entity for the support of the theatre and the arts generally in AmadorCounty.

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