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Tracy Civic Theatre

Tracy Civic Theatre
P.O. Box 1604

Our Mission:

Tracy Civic Theatre is dedicated to supporting the performing arts in our community in partnership with the City of Tracy.

Our History:

Formerly known as Tracy Community Theatre, TCT began in 1949 in the small farming community of Tracy. Starting with only a handful of Tracy residents, TCT has put on over 75 productions.

Just as the city of Tracy has grown in recent years, TCT has undergone a major overhaul in the past couple of years. In late 2001, we chose to change our name from Tracy Community Theatre in 2002. We are still a community theatre, but our new name, Tracy Civic Theatre is reflective of the changing times and the wave of high tech workers, professionals and executives who've moved into the area. Click here for more in depth information about play chronology, past directors, or presidents.

Our Goals:

We have been a "traveling theatre troupe" meaning that we perform wherever there's an available venue. We have relied on Tracy High School's Emma Baumgardner Theater for most of our shows in recent history, though we've had to branch out to use other school facilities in recent years. Our goal is to stay on the course to the Grand Theatre Cultural Arts Center, though that will take a lot of hard work and planning. It's our hope to keep working to that goal.
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