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Village Theatre Company

Village Theatre Company
21 Garden Street

Village Theatre Company (VTC) was formed in the fall of 2009 by a small group of friends (Paul Knittle and Tara Nelson, (husband and wife) Marc Ciaraldi, Deb Bulmer, Jon and Jennifer Jackson (also husband and wife) and Laura Donovan) who consider themselves as close knit as a family.

Village Theatre Company is the resident performing company of the Laurel Grange in West Newbury. VTC assists Grange members with general care and upkeep of the Grange to help maintain the facility.  In the spirit of Community, the cast and crew will organize non-perishable food drives and other activities to "give back" during the year.

The company is mostly comprised of families and friends who have previously worked together in other venues. The VTC adopted its name from the philosophy that “It really does take a village.” Everyone involved, from the youngest cast member to the Executive Board Members are dedicated, bonding as a family and working together for both theatre productions and helping the community.

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