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Watertown Children's Theatre

Watertown Children's Theatre
321 Arsenal Street

- To be a cultural and educational resource for the community by providing opportunities for all children to appreciate and participate in the performing arts.
- To provide a range of theatre experiences for children of diverse cultures and different ages.
- To foster self-discovery, creativity, confidence, group responsibility and pride in accomplishment, as well as the development of skills in an enjoyable, non-competitive atmosphere.

Watertown Children's Theatre was founded in 1983 by Artistic Director Dinah Lane, initially as a program of an existing organization known as the Watertown Center for the Arts. The WCA was formed for the purpose of obtaining a building to create an arts center on the property known as the Arsenal Mall.

Although the creation of an arts center was not successful at that time, Watertown Children's Theatre flourished as an entity in its own right. Led by professional staff, supported by businesses and the public schools, as well as by scores of talented, dedicated parents and community members, the children's theatre grew into the vital creative and educational organization is is today.

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